Capelin Caviar

Wholesale Season Brand Caviar – Black Capelin (Iceland)

A Look At Capelin Caviar

Capelin is a small species of smelt fish that is mostly found around the Arctic seas. While this fish itself is popular in Japanese sushi bars all over the world, this small fish is primarily hunted for its eggs.   Capelin caviar is a delicacy that is very high in vitamin C, folate, and thiamin.   It is a great source of protein, and also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and phosphorous. Keep in mind that it is rather high in cholesterol.

capelin caviar looks different from the traditional caviar that most have seen and tried.   This version is small, florescent, and quite relatively mild in taste.   This is a less expensive variety of this high class dish, offering a way to make it more affordable. At times, depending upon the fish, this version may appear slightly orange in color.

Many with health problems or deficiencies often eat caviar because of their high vitamin and mineral content.   You only have to eat a little to get a lot of benefits.   And you can enjoy such a quality gourmet good while feeling good about what you are putting into your body.   The only down side is that some varieties, such as the capelin, are rather high in cholesterol. So if high cholesterol is your problem, you may need to eat this in moderation.

Caviar comes in a number of grades that make it expensive.   Also, it must be served carefully. It is often plated on ice, and care much always be taken that the grains are not broken or crushed in any way.   The way that this dish is served really makes all the difference.

While it is known as a food for the rich, this is not necessarily the case.   Some versions of this delicacy are actually quite affordable, and yet offer the same benefits and taste as the more expensive versions.

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